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Est. 1998
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+1 (404) 409-5711 Atlanta Faux Finishes Silver Gold Leafing

Metallic Leafing comes in a variety of colors (Gold ,Silver, Copper etc...).  Each piece is hand placed and aged to accent your decor.  Nothing adds elegance to a room quicker then leafing.  

It looks great in Dome Ceilings, Barrel Vaulted Ceilings as well as Niches.  It can also enhance furniture and add monograms. Gold Leafing can be done in Dutch Gold which is a combination of metals to look like Gold or in authentic 24k gold.  

Atlanta Faux Finishes Leafing Atlanta Faux Finishes Copper Leaf Atlanta Faux Finishes Siver Leaf Atlanta Faux Finishes Gold Leaf

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